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Our Story

Hello, Jennie & Lisa here!

We’re Registered Nutritional Therapists who specialise in female health, with a combined 12 years of experience working with clients in the nutrition space.

We’re passionate about empowering women to live happy & symptom-free at every stage of their reproductive lives.

We know just how impactful the right nutrients can be for female hormonal health and felt that the market just didn't have the products that we wanted for our clients, friends and family. So, we created Gigi!

Behind every package we ship is our journey of passion and expertise in women's nutritional health.

Our Mission

To make symptom-free menstrual cycles the norm through sustainable, superior quality supplements.

Our Vision

To empower women with premium nutrition at every stage of their reproductive life, so they can live happy & symptom-free.

Our Values


We care for our planet — our commitment to sustainability means we source ingredients responsibly, prioritise eco-friendly packaging and constantly innovate to minimise our ecological footprint.


We believe knowledge is power. At Gigi, we prioritise education, with our monthly Gigi Academy webinars, providing you with the latest insights and expert guidance to help you navigate your wellness journey with confidence


We innovate using the latest science — our approach is grounded in the latest nutritional science and clinical research.

At Gigi, we harness the power of nature, backed by scientific validation, to create supplements that offer tangible, symptom-relieving benefits. It’s our promise to provide you with nutritional support that delivers real results.


We deliver premium nutrition — quality is the cornerstone of everything we do. From meticulously sourced raw materials, including superior quality patented ingredients, to advanced production processes, we ensure that every product meets the highest standards of purity and potency.

We're committed to exceptional nutrition that supports your health and delivers premium nutrition in every serving.

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