14 female founders making Fem Health a better place

14 female founders making Fem Health a better place

Women’s healthcare is a significantly underfunded and under researched space. 

Recent statistics suggest that only 2% of medical research funding is spent on pregnancy, childbirth, and female reproductive health. This is despite 1 in 3 women reporting a reproductive or gynaecological health problem.

Women have been historically under-represented in medical research, such as clinical trials which has resulted in many female health related topics being very poorly understood.

In 2020, the esteemed British Medical Journal stated that, “Investment in women’s health could be among the ‘best buys’ for broader economic development and societal wellbeing”. This finding recognises the pivotal role women play in society, at every stage of their life, and how supporting women’s wellbeing elevates society as a whole.

And that’s exactly what these incredible female founders are doing:


  • Rosanne Longmore - CEO of Coroflo

Coroflo is developing a revolutionary product for breastfeeding, supported by cutting-edge technology. Coro is a standard commonly used nipple shield with an embedded patented micro flow sensor. The sensor measures exactly how much milk flows through it, in real time, with the mother able to view on the Coro app exactly how much volume per feed - alleviating one of the main sources of anxiety for breastfeeding mothers - uncertainty around milk supply for their baby.


  • Aine Kilkenny, Fiona Parfrey & Lauren Duggan - Founders of Riley

This power trio is on a mission to make eco-friendly, toxin-free period care accessible to absolutely everyone, wherever and whenever they need it. Their products are free from harmful chemicals and made from 100% certified organic cotton - not like mainstream tampons which contain bleach and rayon! Riley is also playing a central role in championing workplace wellbeing & inclusion!


Sinead is an award winning podcaster. Stretch Marks podcast is a voice that champions the growth and demands of motherhood - it acknowledges the challenges parents face. It is a trusted resource for mothers at all stages of their journey to leave them feeling more empowered, less alone and proud of all they are capable of. 


The Menopause Hub is Ireland's only dedicated menopause clinic. It is a centre of excellence for all things menopause, educating, empathising with and empowering women to navigate menopause at home and at work. With 1 in 10 women leaving work altogether due to debilitating menopause symptoms, Loretta’s clinic is a safe haven for those going through this life transition.


This powerhouse sister duo are revolutionising female health through their at home reproductive health test kits. They’re putting the power back in women’s hands to make informed decisions about their fertility and wider hormonal health. Having tried the service myself, I couldn’t speak more highly of it - it’s a complete game changer!


  • Tracy Gunn & Michelle O’Keeffe - Founders of Platform55

This powerful pair are providing critical resources and support to new mum’s returning to the workplace as well as parents trying to find the elusive work/life balance to perform at work while meeting the demands of family life. Platform55 offers a range of support and coaching that is long overdue in the workplace and is doing wonders for the mental health of mums and dads in all of the organisations they work with! 


  • Marian Kennedy - CEO & Founder Anewmum

Marian is elevating the postpartum experience of new mums through Anewmum’s range of self-care products. These innovative products provide the gentle postpartum support, relief and comfort all mothers deserve. 


FemFuelz range of sports nutrition products designed specifically for women are some of the very best on the market. As a Nutritional Therapist, I appreciate the thought and attention to detail that has gone into the formulations, with excellent ingredients that taste fantastic - their whey protein and pre-workout blends are my go-to’s on a daily basis!


    Nua Fertility is a unique formula of vitamins, minerals and live bacteria for women trying to conceive. The innovative and scientifically advanced formula supports the microbiome - an area of key importance while trying to conceive.


      A digital health wearable that allows women to track their menopause symptoms is truly the future of women’s health. The identifyHer tech also uses AI to personalise the management of menopausal symptoms and reduce the risk of disease in the future.

      If the future of women’s health is supported by these incredible female entrepreneurs, we’ll be in safe hands!


      Author: Jennie Haire, Co-Founder Gigi Supplements.

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